Offerings to Hekate

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince 

Copyright © 2002  


The Stream


     Itís just like the old song promises. Iím rowing my boat, and life is a dream.

     I hear Her murmur everywhere. Her lives told in Her stories. My lives told in my dreams. My path is made smooth through the mundane world. Or maybe Iím oblivious. Either way, it requires little attention. Hekate allows me the freedom to pay attention to Her.

     I lie in bed and feel the rocking, imagine the plashing on the hull and the glittering of the water. I row, but then I drift, deeper into another world. The midnight world.

     Crystal and coal like the cave of the Guardian. But the crystal is the burning stars and the coal the sooty depths. Boat, water and sky.

     I feel strong and clear. The gentle sounds merely tease the vast silence. I float away, boat and water and sky and self flowing as a river. At peace while conscious, a rare gift.

      The boat catches in a whirlpool and lazily spins. I sit up. I am at the confluence and I must make a choice. Right or left. Both ways belong to Her. I can take the Path of Power or the Path of Mystery. Up until now I have had a taste of both.

     My world is working, and my soul still hungry. I take the left hand path. To a place where the darkness swallows the stars.