Offerings to Hekate

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince 

Copyright © 2002  


The Crossroads



Come to the place where three roads meet

And ghosts you’ll find, dying to eat

Your sweet soul as you pass this way

The tears you weep and the words you pray.


To go on you must choose now, left or right

One road lies in darkness, the other in night.

Yet choose you must, or give up where you stand

You must keep moving to cross this land.


When you choose one road the other one dies

And the road untaken is full of lies

Of what never happened, of what will never be

Ghosts unborn, ghosts never set free.


They may haunt you still, though you chose another way

For doubt and regret are where they play.

So be wise, be strong, and choose with care.

Come to the crossroads - if you dare.